Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Spotted. Click on the big Play icon in the middle of the Hulu window above to view a quick clip of the Dollhouse.

OK, Dollhouse isn't a movie, but it's a fabulous way to start this quest into finding examples of MidCentury Modern furniture on screen. It's the small screen instead of the big screen, but it'll do. Or in this case it's the smaller screen instead of the small screen 'cause it's a clip in a viewer on a computer screen and not an actual TV screen.

And it's a Nelson Bench! From watching other episodes of Dollhouse, the set decorators seem to have placed 6 foot Nelson benches throughout the hallways of the underground Dollhouse complex. The dolls need places to sit when roaming the halls aimlessly, so why not have them sit in style, right?

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